The Former Salford Royal Hospital - Chapel Street

The former Salford Royal Hospital building occupies the corner of Chapel Street and Adelphi Street.  

It closed as a hospital in 1993 when Hope Hospital was enlarged and rebranded as the Salford Royal Hospital Trust.  

Following its closure, the building was converted into apartments.

In 1827 the site became home to the Salford and Pendleton Dispensary, a building substantially smaller than the one we see today.  

Its goal was to treat the poor of Salford including many patients who were suffering from industrial injuries.  

It offered out-patient services only, including treating home patients.  

It had no in-patient facilities.  

Apparently the original building consisted of a converted shop and adjacent buildings.  

Eventually a purpose built building was constructed on this site.  

It can be seen on the OS map published circa 1844 (below).

As you can see, the rest of the block was occupied by a number of houses and a timber yard.  

In 1845 the Dispensary started to take in-patients.  

Two years later it changed its name to the Salford and Pendleton Royal Hospital and Dispensary.  

In 1865, two new wings were added.  By the 1870s, the hospital had changed its name to Salford Royal Hospital although it was also referred to as the Salford Infirmary.  

In 1886 there was a further extension funded by a bequest from John Pendlebury.  

By 1913 the hospital had 260 beds for in-patients.