Community Cognitive Rehabilitation Group

Community Cognitive Rehabilitation Group

Cognitive Rehabilitation Group

Salford Community Stroke and Neurorehabilitation Team

Salford’s Community Stroke and Neurorehabilitation Team run a two-session Cognitive Rehabilitation Group, led by members of our Neuropsychology and Occupational Therapy teams.

What is Cognitive Rehabilitation?

Cognitive Rehabilitation aims to help people adapt and improve their thinking skills that may have changed following a brain injury or neurological condition. The group provides participants with:

  1. Education about the brain and how it corresponds to different thinking skills
  2. Evidence-based strategies to compensate for changes to thinking skills, support day-to-day functioning, and improve quality of life
  3. Advice on how to support general brain health, using lifestyle medicine approaches

The group format has proven to be really helpful for those attending to share their experiences whilst learning new rehabilitation techniques. The feedback from those who have attended has been that building peer support has been of great benefit to them.

Why Was This Group Developed?

Members of our Neuropsychology and Occupational Therapy Teams have specialist knowledge and skills in supporting people who have experienced changes to their thinking skills. When developing the group, we also asked people with lived experience of neurological conditions to provide us with feedback so that we could make the content as helpful as possible for those who attend. Together, we have put together a two-session plan covering a variety of different areas, aimed to support those experiencing cognitive changes in a way that is both evidence-based and valuable for day-to-day living.

How Does the Group Run?

The group runs throughout the year, taking place over two sessions. The group is currently taking place at Pendleton Gateway in Salford, but we are also aiming to record the session delivery so that people can access our support remotely. We have capped the number of attendees to facilitate open and comfortable discussion. Each session lasts for two hours, with a break midway to stretch and have a brew. We present information on a big screen and provide attendees with workbooks to make notes on and take home. Attendees are welcome to bring someone with them for support if they wish.

How Can I Join the Cognitive Rehabilitation Group?

If you are already being seen by someone within Salford’s Community Stroke and Neurorehabilitation Team (CSNRT), then speak to them about a referral to the group. If you are not, but you feel this would be of benefit to you, then please ask any medical professional involved in your care to send a referral to the Salford CSNRT. You will need to be a patient within Salford Care Organisation to attend and live in the Salford catchment area. We will let you know if the group is likely to be helpful for you, and estimated wait times when we triage you for the group.


We look at the outcomes from all of our groups to see if they are helpful for those who attend and to make sure we are delivering an intervention that effectively meets the needs of our patient group. We will be asking those who attend to complete questionnaires and may be invited to a short interview to talk about your experiences with the aim of continuous improvement and update of the group.

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Telephone: 0161 206 2352