Research in the Manchester Centre for Clinical Neuroscience (MCCN) is aimed at improving patient care and developing new therapies in a range of neurological diseases.

The nature of the research ranges from scientific studies in the laboratories through to clinical trials in patients looked after at MCCN.
Millions of pounds worth of grants have been awarded for scientific studies of early phase potential treatments and, at the other end of the research pathway, in a number of areas the MCCN is one of the largest recruiters to clinical studies in the UK.

Collaborative work is primarily with the University of Manchester, but also takes place with other Academic Institutions including the University of Salford as well as other Universities in the UK and throughout the world.

Areas of particular strength of Neuroscience Research include Neurovascular, Neuro-Oncology and Movement Disorders, but depth of research spans a greater area than this.

We encourage patients who attend MCCN to become involved in research, either as citizen scientists or by, where possible, becoming recruited into the research studies going on.


Our research is world leading and has led to interest from charities and the media. As an example have take a look at the links below.

Here's the link to the BBC News clip.