Greater Manchester Regional Epilepsy Service

The regional epilepsy service at MCCN serves a population of 3.2 million, and provides a full range of services for patients with seizure disorders.  

The service is led by three Consultant Neurologists and one Consult Neuropsychiatrist, and is supported by one associate specialist, one Specialist Registrar and five epilepsy nurse specialists.


Epilepsy Surgery Programme

The epilepsy surgery programme at MCCN offers resective surgery for patients with refractory focal epilepsy, as well as neuromodulation by vagal nerve stimulation.  

Pre-surgical investigations including 3T MRI scanning, functional MRI, PET scan, EEG, video telemetry and neuropsychology testing are available.

The epilepsy surgery multidisciplinary team includes consultants in neurology, neurophysiology, neuro-radiology, neuropsychology and neurosurgery.


Specialist Clinics

The Tertiary Epilepsy Clinic at MCCN accepts referrals for patients with drug resistant epilepsy, cases of diagnostic certainty, and patients with surgically treatable epilepsy.  

We also offer a rapid access First Seizure clinic for Salford residents, seeing referrals from Emergency departments and general practitioners.

The service also provides pediatric epilepsy handover clinics at Salford Royal and Wythenshawe hospitals.

We provide input into the seizure management of patients with brain tumours as part of the regional neuro-oncology service.

We also support obstetrics services via epilepsy nurse specialist presence in the antenatal service in Salford, and a consultant led joint obstetrics-neurology clinic at St Mary's hospital.

This service provides pre-conception counselling and management of epilepsy in pregnancy, as well as management of other neurological disorders during pregnancy.


Epilepsy Nurse Specialists

In addition to dedicated nurse led epilepsy clinics, the epilepsy specialist nursing service also provides a telephone advice line between appointments.

Patients and / or carers can contact the team for advice regarding seizure management, issues with medication or other epilepsy related concerns.

The advice line is monitored Monday to Friday during office hours.  

The specialist nursing team also provide a non-medical prescribing service.



There is an active research program in epilepsy at MCCN, with a number of ongoing clinical trials and academic studies in which patients can be enrolled.

For details of current active studies please contact :

email: neuroresearchnurse@srft.nhs.uk



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