Salford Community Stroke and Neurorehabilitation Team

The neuropsychology service provides input into the Salford multidisciplinary rehabilitation community neurorehabilitation team.

Neuropsychologists work closely alongside clinicians and therapists in the community teams to help identify patient needs and support rehabilitation goals.

We provide input to patients when there is a requirement for neuropsychology input to assist planning or to support input being provided by other team members such as from physiotherapy, occupational therapy or speech and language therapy.

Our work typically involves:

  • Neuropsychological assessment to help inform prognosis, goal planning, and identification of an individual’s strengths and potential challenges that may affect how rehabilitation is best supported. This is often an assessment of cognitive functioning (thinking skills) and may consider other factors as well as neurological problems that can affect these, such as mood difficulties and anxiety.
  • Neuropsychological intervention to assist with cognitive functioning, such as the use of strategies to help overcome or work around difficulties, such as memory problems resulting from a neurological condition.
  • Psychological interventions that support individuals to accomplish multidisciplinary rehabilitation goals, for example where an individual is having difficulty in carrying out rehabilitation work due to difficulties adjusting to changes resulting from their condition.