Pain Centre (MSPC)

Pain Centre (MSPC)

Clinical Teams

Medical Team

The Medical component of the pain centre consists of 6 consultants, experienced in the treatment of

acute, chronic and perioperative pain. They work closely with the nursing, physiotherapy and clinical

psychology teams.

The medical team roles include:-

  • Acute pain ward rounds – assessing and treating pain experienced by inpatients within the hospital. These patients may be suffering from pain post-operatively, or have other complex medical or surgical issues contributing to chronic pain.
  • Outpatient clinics – the assessment of a variety of medical conditions related to chronic pain. As part of this process interventions may be offered as well as the beginning of the rehabilitation pathway working closely with the physiotherapy and clinical psychology teams. Medication management is also integral to medical assessment.
  • Medical Procedures and Interventions
  • Medical support to  Pain Management Programs
  • Teaching  - The pain centre is a vibrant learning environment supporting the development of a variety of trainees, including various levels of pain, anesthetic and palliative care junior doctors. Curriculum development for undergraduates has also been a recent focus of our efforts.
  • Research – The pain centre is actively involved in research collaborating with the Human Pain Research Group at Salford Royal in understanding the complex neurobiological changes which occur in chronic pain as well as in Spinal Cord Stimulation. 
  • Major Trauma – The medical team also support the assessment and treatment of major trauma and the inpatient rib fracture treatment service. 

The Specialist Pain Nursing team

The Specialist Pain Nursing team, provides an in-patient service for acute, post-operative and trauma pain

7 days a week.

Our vision is to foster a “Patient centred partnership” with patients and their carers/families, which leads

to an effective, efficient, personal, inclusive and quality driven pain management service.

As a team of Specialist Nurses we are committed to ensuring services are in place to plan and mange a

wide range of pain conditions from trauma, post-operative pain, and also meet the needs of in-patients

where persistent pain predominates.


What do the Specialist Pain Nurses do?

  • Adopt a “Quick response approach” to support the ward teams to assess, treat and manage patients with acute pain following surgery or trauma.
  • Daily pain management ward rounds
  • Prescribe pain medications to ensuring timely access to the most appropriate analgesia regimens for your pain.
  • Operate a pre-operative pain service for patients who have a history of persistent / chronic pain prior to their hospital admission for surgery so that an appropriate individual pain management plan can be considered.
  • Collaborate with other members of the health care team caring for you e.g. doctors, nurses and physiotherapists.
  • Work collaboratively to support pain management where misuse syndromes exist.
  • Liaise with the Pain Centre clinicians for specialist advice in long term pain condition.
  • Support Inpatient Pain ward rounds with the Pain Consultants
  • Work closely with the Major trauma team, to support clinicians in the management of polytrauma where complex needs exist including the provision of an expert fractured ribs service• Provide training and guidance for hospital doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and pharmacists in the management of pain.
  • Develop and maintain Pain Management Guidelines and Protocols to promote safe and effective pain management strategies across the organisation


We provide a wide range of pain management strategies which commonly include:

  • Pain Assessment
  • Analgesia Review
  • Oral analgesia strategies
  • Patient controlled analgesia
  • Continuous Epidural infusions
  • Local Anaesthetic Wound Infusions


Physiotherapy Team

There are four whole-time equivalent Physiotherapists based within the Pain Centre.  

Patients may see a Physiotherapist at their initial assessment as Physiotherapists lead new patient

assessment clinics individually and alongside Medical and Nursing Consultants.  

If it is thought a patient may benefit from pain management Physiotherapy or a Pain Management

Program they may go on to attend further appointments with one of the Physiotherapy team.

Physiotherapists within the Pain Centre help people with chronic pain develop self-management skills

through a combination of graded exercise/activity, education and advice on strategies such as activity

management, goal setting and flare-up planning.  

Overall, they aim to help patients optimise their physical function and quality of life despite ongoing pain.

The Physiotherapists also work closely with the Clinical Psychology Team, providing joint treatment

sessions and delivering the Pain Management Programs.


Clinical Psychology Team

The clinical psychology team consists of 2 Consultant Clinical psychologists and 3 specialist pain


The psychologists are experts in helping patients manage their pain.

They help patients to understand chronic pain, and deal with the knock on consequences of chronic pain 

such as poor sleep, memory impairment, poor relations with other people, lack of confidence, fear of

movement and worries about the future.

The Psychology team provide the Introduction to Managing Pain sessions and are fundamental in

delivering Pain Management Programs along with the Physiotherapists and Medical Doctors.